Thursday, December 29, 2011

Tight Nights A Screwed Up Xmas

Well, I suppose this is my blog, so I'm just going to mention how I have a track on "Tight Nights: A Screwed Up Xmas". It's a Christmas remix album and a duel effort between Dior Nights and Tight Artists. While the contributors are from all over the world, local favorite "coyote clean up" also appears on here. This compilation mostly features witch house, chillwave, and chopped and screwed remixes, while my song is...not any of these. Please enjoy all the same!


Tight Artists

Dior Nights

Monday, November 21, 2011

Please help halt the "Stop Internet Piracy Act".

If you're a resident of the United States, you're probably already aware of this bill, among others. At the discretion of the government, websites could be blocked for copyright infringement, and this includes Synthetic Sounds Detroit. We could succumb to blacklisting and SynthSD would no longer be updated. Please please please sign this if you're a US citizen.


If you'd like to learn more about this bill and the like, click here.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Blake Baxter - The H-Factor

The poet, techno producer, and vinyl protectionist advocate Blake Baxter is a Detroit veteran, even though he's currently living in Los Angeles. In 1988, he was one of the artists featured on the "Techno! The New Dance Sound of Detroit" album released by Virgin 10 out of London. A major Detroit venue, the Majestic, was practically home to Blake back in the early 90's and this allowed him to make an important contribution in expanding techno's audience. Disko B, or "Disko Bombs", out of Munich released the ever-so-bangin' "The H-Factor" and has been putting out a consistent stream of records since 1991.



Sunday, October 23, 2011

Kessenchu - Music to Fap To

Caleb McPherson's project Kessenchu is rather more aggressive and unlike really anything I've posted thus far. Overall, he creates a chaotic blend of digital hardcore, breakcore, gabber, and plenty of other things not necessarily within the mainstream. His recent "Music to Fap To" is an attempt at what is called 'lolicore', and although I've enjoyed what I've heard of the genre, I've never exactly understood what defines it. As states, "Lolicore is characterized by heavily distorted, high-pitched loli vocals, 8-bit extreme tempos, frequently accompanied by techno beats". In other words, this is some good obnoxious fun.



Thursday, October 13, 2011

Eddie 'Flashin' Fowlkes - Black Technosoul

One of the seemingly lesser know originators of techno, Eddie 'Flashin' Fowlkes, is the self-proclaimed godfather of 'techno soul'. Growing up on a healthy diet of Motown and soul and receiving his first mixer in 1977, Eddie will go onto recording his first single "Goodbye Kiss" on Metroplex in 1986. This album, and along with many of his others, were released on the ever-so-famous Tresor out of Berlin, this being the third. Black Technosoul was such a pleasant surprise the first time I listened to it with its high energy, helping the explain his nickname 'Flashin'.



Friday, October 7, 2011

Kyle Hall - Sun Goddess EP

Those people who view this blog and myself seem to agree that Kyle Hall's fantastic, so here's another release. It's a bit more recent than the Worx of Art EP 1 I posted earlier but still off of his Wild Oats label. Again, this album can be bought through his myspace.



Thursday, September 29, 2011

Stone Coma - Booty Jam Smash Mix

Alright, I'm not even going to lie here, this is a mix I personally did. Yes, self-promotion. It's essentially a Ghetto tech/house and booty mix and the first one I've ever recorded, so it's a little rough at times, but I find it overall satisfactory. I just wish I didn't have to use the digital mixer on my DJ program because for whatever reason I can't use my physical mixer to record with. In all likelihood it's a hardware issue. Oh well, I did put a good amount of time into it and I hope you find it enjoyable. Thanks for the support SynthSD viewers!

1. 313 Bass Mechanics - Puff, Puff, Pass
2. DJ Godfather - Fly Skinnies
3. DJ Deeon - Move It!
4. Kill Frenzy - Nuff Said_Original Mix
5. DJ Omega - Pop that Ass
6. Bitch Ass Darius - Ride
7. DJ Spinn - Shawty off da Chain
8. DJ Slugo - Strap up before you Hit It
9. Duran Duran Duran - Booty Jihad


Monday, September 26, 2011

Model 500 - Night Drive

Night Drive is one of the first Model 500/Metroplex releases and a Detroit classic. The primary track, Night Drive (Thru-Babylon) was supposedly inspired by the drone being dispensed from the factories off of a Detroit freeway, which melds together quite well with the themes within early techno. The term 'transmat' used (taken from the name given to a transportation device in Doctor Who) will later be taken up by Derick May to name his own label. On another note, the only difference between the first and second tracks (Night Drive (Thru-Babylon) and Time Space Transmat) is that the former contains Juan Atkins vocals while the latter does not.



Sunday, September 25, 2011

Leopard Moth - Skate Session EP *SYNTHSD EXCLUSIVE*

Leopard Moth has been cool enough to release this EP only on Synthetic Sounds Detroit! The music of Dane LeFevre includes a lot of instrumental samples and almost weird indy/no-wave characteristics He's rather new to the scene, but he's bringing something original and interesting (in a good way) to the table, so to speak. While Leopard Moth is still experimenting and building himself, it should be exciting to hear his future work.




Here's a brief video of one of his live performances:

Thursday, September 22, 2011

313 Bass Mechanics - Dress to Sweat

DJ Nasty simply went under "313 Bass Mechanics" for multiple releases for Databass (which this album is on) and Breakin' Records. The only significant difference I can sense between this and DJ Nasty is a greater push in the direction of electro. It almost seems bizarre how there's also a 'clean' version of the "Suga Daddy" track on here. Doesn't censoring ghettotech defeat some sort of purpose ( joking, kind of)?



Monday, September 19, 2011

Kenny Dixon Jr. - Soul Sounds

More often known by his alias Moodyman, Kenny Dixon Jr. has been a long contributor to the Detroit electronic scene for nearly the past twenty years with an impressive yield of releases and contributions. This album, Soul Sounds, was released by Soul City, which can attribute its brief existence to the legendary Mike Banks. As if it couldn't be inferred, this album very much so carries a soul influence. Perhaps I'm simply not used to music quite like this, but its clean production value and soothing rhythms seem to hit just the right spot while my body is being crushed by an intense magnitude of schoolwork. His lack of interviews (common for techno artists) makes it remarkably difficult to learn much about him even with all the work he's produced. In fact, one might not know Mahogani is Moodyman's label without a little searching.

Mahogani Music


Monday, September 12, 2011

Autumus - Sequential Aspects I *SYNTHSD EXCLUSIVE!!!*

Autumus has been so kind to release this album right here on Synthetic Sounds Detroit! Russian-born Ivan Udintsev, under the alias Autumus, is quickly gaining attention, substantially more than when I saw him perform not even half a year ago. Being that he creates a dark brand of minimal synth, he's a definite rarity to be appreciated. More and more, Autumus is becoming a personal favorite of mine and I'm very pleased to have this album to share with the world. He even told me "Sequential Aspects I" is a collection of "outtakes and demos", although I wouldn't have been able to discern this if not informed.

For any questions or interest in purchasing tapes or CDs, he can be contacted at



Friday, September 9, 2011

Soundmurderer - Gunshot/Lickshot

Soundmurderer is the moniker of Todd Osborn ('Clutch' from Starski & Clutch). As the ex-owner of Dubplate Pressure shop, the first Drum & Bass record store in Detroit, Todd holds concrete jungle credentials. His releases under Soundmurderer's solo work is somewhat limited ("Soundermurder & SK-1" records are much more abundant) as Todd seems to only put something out ever few years, but this 7" is worth the listen. It's possible one may also be familiar with the "Rewind Records" label that he ran for a little while. Clash Records, out of the Netherlands, the label this is on, is responsible for releasing some of the more popular jungle/breakcore artists, including Bong-Ra, FFF, and I:gor. I'm quite pleased to be able to post something along the lines of 'breakcore', which isn't exactly a popular thing in Detroit, yet I'm a tremendous fan of the genre.

I can't seem to find a place to download/purchase this release, so yeah.


Thursday, September 8, 2011

In need of help.

As you can clearly tell, it has been difficult for me to post on here as much as I'd like to. I'm a full time student with a decent social life. I'm interested in having others post on here as well.

The essential requirements are:

A. A decent understanding and wide appreciation of Detroit electronic music;

B. At least fairly fluent with the English language;

C. A belief that music should be obtainable to all, regardless of personal wealth.

If you can fall under these three categories and would be interested in aiding me in the endeavors of SynthSD, please e-mail me at and I'll give further details.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Starski & Clutch - Belle Isle Players

The collaboration, Starski & Clutch, consists of Brian Gillespie (Starski) and Todd Osborn (Clutch). This electrifying ghettotech duo is rather unique being that it's not the usual single person, but they also incorporate a solid dose of electronic funk into the mix. Their activity in recent years has been limited, but Brian Gillespie has been pushing his "Gillespie Hustles Harder" DJing deal and to be honest I'm not sure what Todd Osborn has been up to. For anyone who's familiar with the metro Detroit area, the "Trailer Park" version of Belle Isle Players will likely make you laugh.



Sunday, August 28, 2011

Kyle Hall - Worx of Art EP 1

Kyle Hall's quite young in the scene which I mean literally, being that he was born on July 17, 1991, yet he's already become quite a high profile artist. It was through Omar-S, off of his label FXHE where his first album was released. This "Worx of Art EP 1" was the first to be put out through Kyle's own outlet, Wild Oats. In 2010, the major weekly publication "Real Detroit" awarded him the title of "Best Electronic Artist" of the year. With an excellent fusion of deep house and jazz, Kyle Hall is doing quite nicely in the electronic music sphere.

Information to obtain a physical copy of this record and his other releases can be found on Kyle's myspace.



Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sinistarr ft. Redeyes - Solar 9/Mainstay

Even after posting a Sinistarr album not long ago, I couldn't resist. He has quickly become one of my favorite up and coming local artists. This is his latest solo release off of Metalheadz based out of the UK, the label that Goldie's been working off of seemingly exclusively since 2005.

Also, I'm sorry I haven't been posting as much. I've been very busy and I'm looking into having others aid me with SynthSD endeavors.



Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cybotron - Clear

Juan Atkins met Richard "Rik" Davis when they both attended Washtenaw Community College where Rik handed Juan Atkins demo tapes he had recorded, all leading up to Cybotron. This name, "Cybotron" (derived from "cyborg" and "cyclotron"), comes from"The Grid" that the two had written, a dictionary of more or less "futuristic lingo". This book will later serve as their major inspiration for all their music. The similarities Kraftwerk had with techno are extremely apparent, even though Atkins claims he was completely unaware of the German group for the first couple years of his career.

"The beauty of first hearing Kraftwerk was that the sounds were so similar to what I was doing, and these guys were halfway across the planet" - Juan Atkins

This release also includes the ever-famous single "alleys of your mind". It's hard to have a blog of this nature without posting this techno essential.

Also, I'm not even going to bother with a "purchase" link because I have no clue where one could Linkpay for their music and have money directly or indirectly travel into their bank accounts.


Monday, August 15, 2011

Detroit Grand Pubahs - Madd Circus

The ever-so-famous Detroit Grand Pubahs have returned with another release (well, about a year ago) and it's reliably good. With artists such as DGP, you can expect to hear a near-exact style in their music that won't stray too much, thus take any significant risks. Still, Madd Circus has a slightly more 'sophisticated' sound that seems to branch more into techno than their earlier recordings. If you aren't interested in a second Detroit Grand Pubahs album, then you're likely an asshole, and nobody's interested in those.


*Download link needed to be removed. My apologies.*

Friday, August 12, 2011

DJ Satta Don Dada - Another Late Night Mix *SYNTHSD EXCLUSIVE!!!*

DJ Satta Don Dada has honored us with an EXCLUSIVE mix! Here's his bio:

Satta Don Dada aka Evan Glicker is one of the hardest working and most talented DJ's in Michigan's electronic music scene. Consistently, blending tunes in a manner that is original and effective in making people want to move whether it be on stage, radio, or at a bar. His style is truly unique, combining the sounds of Dubstep, Grime, UK Funky, Laser Bass, Moombahton, and Jungle with old school Reggae, Dance Hall, Dub, World, and Hip-Hop. Live performances often feature all vinyl sets that are loaded with tons of energy and emotion every time. His mixes are always filled with exceptional selections that run the gamut of styles and moods in a way that is innovative and thought provoking. Evan's been developing his style and skills since late 2001 and has only recently emerged to take the Michigan scene by storm. He's shared the same bill as acts like Borgore, Emalkay, Reso, Datsik, Cookie Monsta, Matty G, Vaski, Antiserum, Noah D, Hellfire Machina, NTRLD, Mark Instinct, J.Rabbit, Joe Nice, Marcus Visionary, Murderbot, Trillbass, Dieselboy, Reid Speed, Soundmurderer, SixteenArmedJack, Fish Finger, FS, Robokop, Cyberoptics, The Flashbulb, DJ Swamp, Kero, Freddy Todd, 8en, and many other noteworthy DJ's/musicians.


Mixes/ Music Videos:

Generally, DJ Satta Don Dada makes music around the areas of jungle and dubstep, but here's a successful attempt at something new with his 'future bass' mix.

Track listing:

1. Cedaa - Jasmin (Sine Slabs on Swangas Remix),

2. Joy Orbison - Sicko Cell,

3. +verb - Micrometeroid,

4. Baobinga - Make Me Feel,

5. Vista - Lounge Dub,

6. Luke Envoy - Uptown

7. Cedaa - Nippon (Myrryrs Remix),

8. Synkro - Girl,

9. Fused Forces - Fairy Cakes

10. Ruckus & Roke - Solar Panel Dance Flex,

11. Spherix - Rules of Three,

12. Altimeter & Native - Clarity,

13. Laney - Summer Feet,

14. Matty G - Watching Feet,

15. Tribal - White Rain,

16. Doctor Jeep - Yr Mnd (Brothers Remix),

17. Duncan Powell - Laid Back,

18. Hudson Mohawke - Overnight,

19. Slugabed - Ultra Heat Treated,

20. Dibiase - Skullcrack,

21. Drake - HoustonAtlantaVegas (Wizard Remix)



Monday, August 8, 2011

Underground Resistance - The Punisher

Jeff Mills and Mike Banks started Underground Resistance in response to the big music industry. Like many other acts, UR keeps interviews to a minimum to allow their music to do all of the talking. To further their 'mystique' is their militaristic feel, stemming from Bank's father's army background and T.G. Williams, a mentor who's an impressive three-time wounded Vietnam veteran (a persistent type, apparently). This album was the result of attempting to beat the 'opposition at its own game' and a general dislike for the European rave scene. To push an over-the-top sound, out came the birth of "The Punisher" which was well-received by these very same Europeans, ironically. This release is in fact named after the Marvel comic book character, and after its success, Underground Resistance began to take on Punisher's logo-deal, as shown below.



Sunday, August 7, 2011

Urban Tribe - FACT mix 222

I decided to post more Urban Tribe because of how many people downloaded the previous link. Sherard Ingram's (DJ Stingray) latest release is a mix released through FACT magazine to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Planet E, which released his "Covert Action’/'Rebirth" single in 2002.


Track listings:

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sinistarr - Something's Working EP

Jeremy Howard has been DJing since 2003, but is still somewhat new to Drum n' Bass with his first release as Sinistarr dating 2007. He also is a part of Peer Pressure Recordings, out of San Diego, California. His music's quite fresh with his jazzy style (similar to Flying Lotus's) while retaining influences from Detroit techno. I've read (as stated by Metalheadz) Sinistarr is working on something with DJ Stingray (check out my Urban Tribe post) which is pretty exciting. Recently, I've been listening to 'newer' drum n' bass and it seems reminiscent of 'newer' dubstep with a compelling rhythm, no offense to anyone who's into artists such as Bassnectar and Skrillex. I'm not huge into techno that I can't dance to.



Saturday, July 30, 2011

Panic in Detroit - v/a

Here's a compilation from the short-lived "Buzz" (Electric Soul's sub-label) out of Berlin. Generally speaking, I've never been a huge fan compilations, but this is too solid for me to pass up. Multiple artists on here have extremely limited recorded material, not to mention there's not many sources offering this either, so hey, enjoy.


Track listing:
01 Open House Featuring Placid Angles- Rainforest (6:31)
02 Prototype- The Path (6:35)
03 Yennek- Serena "X" (5:23)
04 M500- Dimensions (5:51)
05 Eddie "Flashin" Fowlkes- O.C.C. (5:13)
06 Lucky Charm- Double X-Posure (6:13)
07 Inertia- Satisfaction (6:34)
08 Eddie "Flashin" Fowlkes- Pure Afro Sound (4:44)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Punisher - Recycled Dreams

Michelle Herrman, or Punisher, is probably best known for beginning Seismic Records (not to be confused with the UK label) in 1998. Asides from this, she has quite a bit of local fame with multiple years of playing at the annual and well known Detroit Electronic Music Festival (DEMF). Her more recent endeavors include the creation of Hej Records with John Overfiend. Although I'm yet to see her play for myself, I've heard many people recount just how fantastic her performances are. A friend of mine swears that Punisher is the only techno show he's been to where he's noticed the sensation of his eyes moving in its sockets because of how intense the bass was.

Hej Records


Friday, July 22, 2011

Elecktroids - Elektroworld

Technically speaking, the lineup for Elecktroids is 'mysterious' where as the 'rumors' claim the members to be Gerald Donald, Dennis Richardson, and Alex Lugo, with exception of the late James Marcel Stinson (better known as Drexciya) who has been confirmed. They've received an amount of attention through appearances on multiple compilations including Dave Clarke's "X-Mix: Electro Boogie". Elecktroids creates a relatively chilled texture of electro, enhanced by the well-produced quality of the album. Even after sixteen years, Elektroworld doesn't sound outdated in the least.



Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Moon Pool & Dead Band - Untitled (CDR)

Through pounding dark synths and experimental techno, Moon Pool & Dead Band are quickly chiseling a solid reputation for themselves. This group's very unexpected when dealing with the member's backgrounds. Nate Young (Wolf Eyes) coming from a more noise-based group and Dave Shettler (The Sights), a well-known garage rock band. Moon Pool manages to stick to classic analogue equipment and the driving heart of Detroit techno; reinventing their roots and owning a devastatingly fresh style. I would also recommend listening to a live set or even attending a performance. They seem to play a notably different show every time.

*Please note how the artist's tag's technically incorrect. Blogger doesn't allow "&" within a label. Also, please excuse my anally retentive habits.

AA Records


Adjust - Your Bad Luck

Justin Ivey, or Adjust, has been DJing for roughly fifteen years and has had appearances on Lollapalooza and URB Magazine tours. Adjust began Low Res Records, which claims to be "Detroit's first hardcore industrial and experimental breakbeat techno record label". I hope people will appreciate this post being that I'm trying to provide a larger variety of music.

Low Res Records


Sunday, July 17, 2011

DJ Nasty - Booty Night 3 Promo Mix

DJ Nasty is considered to be one of the pioneers of Detroit ghettotech with his music dating back to the mid-90's and at least 35 releases. He also owns and operates "Motor City Electro Company", although it hasn't put out anything for the past few years. It seems as if he has dropped off a bit from the music scene and I suspect it might involve the death of Aaron Carl from about a year ago (I can infer that he was a friend), but he also has stated that his full time job gets in the way of DJing (as of 2009). After all, the "Subject Detroit" blog and site (of which they were both worked with) don't appear to have been updated since around his passing. Regardless, I hope you can down with this hyper-speed mix.



Friday, July 15, 2011

Andrés - Salvador De Bahia

In all honesty, I know little, nor can I seem to find very much information on Andrés, other than how it's apparent that this album's great. Mahogani Music (Moodymann's label) released "Salvador De Bahia", along with a few others by Andrés. This particular record has latin house flavor, more so than his other releases, which could likely be indicated by the title. If you're a fan of "international" music like I am, then please trust me on this download. If anyone can fill me in on really who this guy is, I'd be happy to learn more.

Mahogani Music


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

DJ Adon - Sunday Selections

This is a good example of a highly versatile DJ that has rocked every genre he's attempted. Sunday Selections is a 'downtempo' mix he put together, although his other mixes and releases are also worth checking out and more is soon to come on his soundcloud (along with possibly more on SynthSD). He may not be the most well known performer (you might be familiar with his previous name, "Adon Angel), but this download is well worth the time.



Monday, July 11, 2011

Inner City - Fire

Kevin Saunderson, a producer, hooked up with Paris Grey for vocals, thus creating Inner City. They're well known for their hits which include "Big Fun" and "Good Life". Over inner City's lifetime, many top 40 hits were achieved in the UK and combined sales totaled over 6 million. Here's something for a dancier (I don't care that I'm not using a real word) mood.



Friday, July 8, 2011

Urban Tribe - Acceptable Side Effects

Sherard Ingram (DJ Stingray) is, in a sense, the leader of Urban Tribe, which could be called a collective involving Carl Craig, Kenny Dixon Jr., and Anthony "Shake" Shakir. The project began on Carl Craig's label; Planet E. He intentionally keeps his identity a bit mysterious, avoiding the mainstream and performing with a ski mask. Urban Tribe holds a rather original sound, seeming to be influenced by German electronic music while reaching inside himself to create an experimental sound of his own.

Planet E shop


Monday, July 4, 2011

House Shoes - Free Your Funk Mix

House Shoes, or Michael Buchanan, was a producer for J Dilla, and has been around in the hip hop scene for a couple decades now. He also runs the independent label "House Shoes Recordings". Although it was a bit before my time, he was apparently a "resident DJ" at St. Andrew's Hall from 1994-2004. This is a mix that I ripped from a podcast and it's my first experience with "Free Sound Recorder", so the sound quality isn't a good as I'd like it to be.

PodOmatic Profile


Sunday, July 3, 2011

Coon Daddy - Big Baller EP

Here's something that might be considered more interesting than anything else. Coon Daddy's most likely best known for being the guy who raps and shouts things on DJ Godfather tracks. Here's the only solo release that he has (this is excluding the Coon Daddy & DJ Godfather "See U No Mo" 12") and it's quite enjoyable. The last track's also an instrumental version of "Holdin' the Wall" that might be worth DJing. On another note, there's so little information about this guy on the internet that I can't even seem to find a photograph of him, even off to the side on stage. Find one and I'll gladly post it.



Thursday, June 30, 2011

Aux 88 - Is it Man or Machine?

For nearly 20 years, Tom Tom (Tommy Hamilton) and Keith Tucker (DJ K-1) have been performing as Aux 88, although they began as RX-7 in 1985. They're "exclusively" on Puzzlebox Records from now on, started by Tucker. This year at the Detroit Electronic Music Festival (DEMF) they absolutely blew me away with the addition of special guests and the "Unstoppables Dancers" at a point. Here's an album to really feed that electro urge.



Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Disco D - A Night at the Booty Bar

The late Disco D had a major hand in helping Detroit's ghettotech scene flourish. As a producer, he collaborated with 50 Cent, Nina Sky, Trick Daddy, Lil Scrappy, Chamillionaire, and AZ. Disco D aided two Grammy-nominated albums and his name can be accredited to 17 million sales internationally. This album also features the music of many other great ghetto DJs (such as DJ Nasty, DJ Deeon, and DJ Assault) that he compiled and mixed to create a continuous stream of bumpin' jams.

Purchase from Tommy Boy Entertainment


Cocky Balboa - Juke Mix 1

Cocky Balboa has been giving a new and rather fresh sound to Detroit ghettotech, although as you can tell from the title, he has been performing juke as well. He's known to play hyped shows, so Cocky Balboa's certainly someone to keep track of! Recently he was signed to "Electrobounce", run by Brian Gillespie (Starski & Clutch).




Detroit Grand Pubahs - Galactic Ass Creatures from Uranus

I figured I'd start this blog by posting a personal favorite. Beginning with their first significant release "Sandwiches" in 2000, DGP has already pushed their way into becoming a Detroit classic. This is certainly for fellow fans of electro and booty bass. The track "Weed in the Kitchen" has a soft spot in my heart back from when I was fifteen, I guess one could say.

They currently own and operate the label "Detroit Electro Funk" (DetEleFunk), although I can't seem to find a website for the label? Sometimes my observation skills aren't the best, so feel free to fill me in.

DGP Website

*Someone associated with DGP doesn't like SynthSD :(