Monday, September 19, 2011

Kenny Dixon Jr. - Soul Sounds

More often known by his alias Moodyman, Kenny Dixon Jr. has been a long contributor to the Detroit electronic scene for nearly the past twenty years with an impressive yield of releases and contributions. This album, Soul Sounds, was released by Soul City, which can attribute its brief existence to the legendary Mike Banks. As if it couldn't be inferred, this album very much so carries a soul influence. Perhaps I'm simply not used to music quite like this, but its clean production value and soothing rhythms seem to hit just the right spot while my body is being crushed by an intense magnitude of schoolwork. His lack of interviews (common for techno artists) makes it remarkably difficult to learn much about him even with all the work he's produced. In fact, one might not know Mahogani is Moodyman's label without a little searching.

Mahogani Music


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