Friday, September 9, 2011

Soundmurderer - Gunshot/Lickshot

Soundmurderer is the moniker of Todd Osborn ('Clutch' from Starski & Clutch). As the ex-owner of Dubplate Pressure shop, the first Drum & Bass record store in Detroit, Todd holds concrete jungle credentials. His releases under Soundmurderer's solo work is somewhat limited ("Soundermurder & SK-1" records are much more abundant) as Todd seems to only put something out ever few years, but this 7" is worth the listen. It's possible one may also be familiar with the "Rewind Records" label that he ran for a little while. Clash Records, out of the Netherlands, the label this is on, is responsible for releasing some of the more popular jungle/breakcore artists, including Bong-Ra, FFF, and I:gor. I'm quite pleased to be able to post something along the lines of 'breakcore', which isn't exactly a popular thing in Detroit, yet I'm a tremendous fan of the genre.

I can't seem to find a place to download/purchase this release, so yeah.


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