Monday, August 8, 2011

Underground Resistance - The Punisher

Jeff Mills and Mike Banks started Underground Resistance in response to the big music industry. Like many other acts, UR keeps interviews to a minimum to allow their music to do all of the talking. To further their 'mystique' is their militaristic feel, stemming from Bank's father's army background and T.G. Williams, a mentor who's an impressive three-time wounded Vietnam veteran (a persistent type, apparently). This album was the result of attempting to beat the 'opposition at its own game' and a general dislike for the European rave scene. To push an over-the-top sound, out came the birth of "The Punisher" which was well-received by these very same Europeans, ironically. This release is in fact named after the Marvel comic book character, and after its success, Underground Resistance began to take on Punisher's logo-deal, as shown below.



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