Friday, August 12, 2011

DJ Satta Don Dada - Another Late Night Mix *SYNTHSD EXCLUSIVE!!!*

DJ Satta Don Dada has honored us with an EXCLUSIVE mix! Here's his bio:

Satta Don Dada aka Evan Glicker is one of the hardest working and most talented DJ's in Michigan's electronic music scene. Consistently, blending tunes in a manner that is original and effective in making people want to move whether it be on stage, radio, or at a bar. His style is truly unique, combining the sounds of Dubstep, Grime, UK Funky, Laser Bass, Moombahton, and Jungle with old school Reggae, Dance Hall, Dub, World, and Hip-Hop. Live performances often feature all vinyl sets that are loaded with tons of energy and emotion every time. His mixes are always filled with exceptional selections that run the gamut of styles and moods in a way that is innovative and thought provoking. Evan's been developing his style and skills since late 2001 and has only recently emerged to take the Michigan scene by storm. He's shared the same bill as acts like Borgore, Emalkay, Reso, Datsik, Cookie Monsta, Matty G, Vaski, Antiserum, Noah D, Hellfire Machina, NTRLD, Mark Instinct, J.Rabbit, Joe Nice, Marcus Visionary, Murderbot, Trillbass, Dieselboy, Reid Speed, Soundmurderer, SixteenArmedJack, Fish Finger, FS, Robokop, Cyberoptics, The Flashbulb, DJ Swamp, Kero, Freddy Todd, 8en, and many other noteworthy DJ's/musicians.


Mixes/ Music Videos:

Generally, DJ Satta Don Dada makes music around the areas of jungle and dubstep, but here's a successful attempt at something new with his 'future bass' mix.

Track listing:

1. Cedaa - Jasmin (Sine Slabs on Swangas Remix),

2. Joy Orbison - Sicko Cell,

3. +verb - Micrometeroid,

4. Baobinga - Make Me Feel,

5. Vista - Lounge Dub,

6. Luke Envoy - Uptown

7. Cedaa - Nippon (Myrryrs Remix),

8. Synkro - Girl,

9. Fused Forces - Fairy Cakes

10. Ruckus & Roke - Solar Panel Dance Flex,

11. Spherix - Rules of Three,

12. Altimeter & Native - Clarity,

13. Laney - Summer Feet,

14. Matty G - Watching Feet,

15. Tribal - White Rain,

16. Doctor Jeep - Yr Mnd (Brothers Remix),

17. Duncan Powell - Laid Back,

18. Hudson Mohawke - Overnight,

19. Slugabed - Ultra Heat Treated,

20. Dibiase - Skullcrack,

21. Drake - HoustonAtlantaVegas (Wizard Remix)



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