Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cybotron - Clear

Juan Atkins met Richard "Rik" Davis when they both attended Washtenaw Community College where Rik handed Juan Atkins demo tapes he had recorded, all leading up to Cybotron. This name, "Cybotron" (derived from "cyborg" and "cyclotron"), comes from"The Grid" that the two had written, a dictionary of more or less "futuristic lingo". This book will later serve as their major inspiration for all their music. The similarities Kraftwerk had with techno are extremely apparent, even though Atkins claims he was completely unaware of the German group for the first couple years of his career.

"The beauty of first hearing Kraftwerk was that the sounds were so similar to what I was doing, and these guys were halfway across the planet" - Juan Atkins

This release also includes the ever-famous single "alleys of your mind". It's hard to have a blog of this nature without posting this techno essential.

Also, I'm not even going to bother with a "purchase" link because I have no clue where one could Linkpay for their music and have money directly or indirectly travel into their bank accounts.


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