Sunday, July 17, 2011

DJ Nasty - Booty Night 3 Promo Mix

DJ Nasty is considered to be one of the pioneers of Detroit ghettotech with his music dating back to the mid-90's and at least 35 releases. He also owns and operates "Motor City Electro Company", although it hasn't put out anything for the past few years. It seems as if he has dropped off a bit from the music scene and I suspect it might involve the death of Aaron Carl from about a year ago (I can infer that he was a friend), but he also has stated that his full time job gets in the way of DJing (as of 2009). After all, the "Subject Detroit" blog and site (of which they were both worked with) don't appear to have been updated since around his passing. Regardless, I hope you can down with this hyper-speed mix.



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